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The question that what kind of catering and food menu is right for an office occasion always is difficult to answer but one of the easiest answer is the sandwich. These are the kind of the feast which is suitable for all kinds of the office meetings and even for light lunches as well and there is not one kind of the sandwiches but there are variety of these and therefore, these are multipurpose and could either be served as the light snack with the tea or a proper lunch meal. There are sandwich caterings available who can organize a sandwich meal according to your requirements. Although these sandwich catering companies could guide you well about the selection of the sandwiches but some of these are discussed below if you yourself want to decide it.

Gourmet sandwiches:

These are perfect for the proper lunch and offers a variety of the choices of the breads. You could choose to have a number of breads and fillings of your choice. Based on your lunch setting and time you could either opt for heavy and hearty fillings or light ones. But these are considered very fancy and high class choices of the sandwich.

Mini breads or finger sandwich:

If you want to have little snacks to go with your meeting if the meeting is long, then you could have the mini bread sandwich which will give the good impression than not serving anything at all. It could add the refreshments and the client and VP will be impressed by this gesture. Finger sandwich are also one of the convenient but an appetising alternative to the mini ones. These are to make sure that the members of the meetings can get through the meeting without feeling hungry and are energized and focused.

French baguettes:

If none of the meeting member has some dietary restrictions and can enjoy a high carb sandwich then the French baguettes are good option and there could be number of fillings in it which could either be hams, vegetables, cheeses of various kinds but one thing you need to make sure that the baguettes are fresh and crisp and must be baked on the same day for it to taste perfect.

Classic sandwich or wraps:

Two other options are the classic. If the lunch needs to be proper with the people having good appetite then the classic sandwich is good option and this can also be served on some announcements or as a welcome meal to the new employees of the company. If you do not want to go heavy on carbs and breads then the wraps are the best option, these are light and are fresh and healthy.

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