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If you are someone who likes unusual prints on fabrics and not just the typical plain striped one, then you have come to the right place. For those who are done with those old plain fabrics, we are here to tell you all about the amazing and the famous wholesale fabric Sydney. These collection of the bird fabrics is something that is loved by most modern people. The colors, fabric, designs and the overall pattern is something that differs this particular print from others and attracts many people because of such characteristics. Let’s tell you more about the bird prints you probably weren’t aware of. 

Cockatoo Fabric

One of the most common prints and the most loved ones amongst the bird prints is the cockatoo print that is often seen as a part of bird ranges. When we talk about the Australian bird fabric, the cockatoo fabric is often seen to be a part of this range to make the famous Australian bird fabric a hit. You will most commonly see the Australian cockatoo fabric in two color combination usually the aqua and a hint of mushroom shade.

Magpie Fabric

People who live in Australia or have visited the country often might be aware of the regular guest, known as magpie. They are most commonly witnessed at backyards and are just a treat to the eyes. A basic description of the magpie is such that they are black in color and are usually confused for currawong which is another type of bird that is black in color and found in Australian regions too. However, magpie has its own charm which can be differentiated by its beak. The Australian magpie bird is known to be black in color but has brownish red eyes and white beak which is not the case with the currawong.

The Australian bird fabric also contains magpie illustrations as they are literally a sight. If you are truly a bird lover living in the Australian region, it is mandatory for you to own a fabric with such bird prints on them. When talking specifically about the range of magpie birds, there are three types of prints two choose from of which the blue and green is the most loved ones by the locals.

The best part about these bird fabrics is such that they are adored by many locals as well as the tourists around. These fabrics can literally be used anywhere whether it is the curtains, bed sheets, furniture covers, cushion covers, table cloth and what not. You just got to be creative with your mind and play along.

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