Frediana Padovano/ February 18, 2020/ Event Services

Wedding reception is one of the functions or events at a wedding that celebrates the communion of two individuals. It is held after the marriage ceremony is over, once the bride and groom have exchanged the vows and kissed. It is a party given to all those who attend the wedding, this includes family members and friends. After the wedding vows, the couple usually is up for the photo shot, this can include parents and siblings. The guests usually in the meanwhile go for the reception venue, for instance if a couple exchange vows in the morning and arrange for reception at night, that allows the guest some hours of rest before they meet you again. But many have the reception, immediately afterwards, ion the form of lunch or Sunday brunch, whatever suits them best.  How you plan your wedding reception in Byron Bay depends entirely up to you, but there are some generally followed time divisions that ensure that none of the activity seems too dragged or abrupt, instead all those who come enjoy the party. 

There perhaps is no single wedding ceremony or reception party where things don’t go wrong, but it surely can be avoided if your wedding planner well manages everything. How long your wedding reception would last, five or seven hours, depends on how you have had it planned.  The best thing is to have an order of events, for instance when to have the toast, the food, the first dance, group pictures, and much more. Having this written down on a piece of paper ensures that nothing is missed out. This also is great as wedding venues are mostly rented halls, with a certain time limit, so it is better if you have your function planned. This avoids any unnecessary time delays and problems in terms of when to vacate the place. As usually of a function prolongs the time initially agreed on, they owners then charge extra fees for that, and you surely wouldn’t want that.

So if you have your wedding coming up anytime soon, it is recommended that you contact the team at Circle of Love, and hire them to plan your wedding reception with you. This is because it becomes extremely difficult for the bride or the groom to manage for each and every thing, and if family members are given the responsibility, then it ruins their plans of enjoying the party. So the best is that you seek help from professionals like them. Their team will plan your entire party; from finding the right location for your indoors or outdoor weddings, the decorations you want, to your menu: starters, lunch, drinks, dinner, depending upon what time of the day you have your reception at. The music to be played: be it live band or a DJ, the cake that is to be cut and much more, this all will be planned and then taken care by Circle of Love.

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