Frediana Padovano/ March 11, 2020/ Construction & Building

The word “privacy” has become now very popular. Because after the outburst of social media and online platforms. The user’s identity and information are on stake, the people seem vulnerable. Because when they will be writing or showing their selves on an online platform, the other people can easily gather information about them. This is frightening that now many people are interested in other lives than their own, and this habit is widely spreading everywhere. Due to this social epidemic, not only virtual privacy is stake but now people are also keener to look into other lives physically. This is the reason that now, people try to install security systems in their homes because they don’t want others to peeing inside their physical property and life.  

The same trend can be seen in our daily life, that now we usually make the home with closed walls and gates. There are no open walkways to the home because people getting overprotective about their safety and privacy. But again, those doesn’t guarantee complete privacy. Because in the home you have windows or doors or open areas which can be seen easily by the outside world.  To overcome this problem, the best thing to use is Privacy Screens. The privacy screens in Sunshine Coast are made to add barrier to other visions, so that you can easily perform your activities without catching other eyes. The privacy screens can be used in following scenarios 

High Rise buildings:  

For instance, you are living in the neighbourhood where the building sizes are not unique. Maybe you have a house that is on the ground floor and enclosed in walls. But you have building in your neighbour that is 4-5 floor high. IN that case, the privacy screen can be used for a specific area that is exposed to the view of such building. This will help to add extra layer of privacy barrier. But sometime in a certain area, if the private screens are higher than your walls, then you need to take permissions for authorities. But still, it is better than to be seen by everyone in your neighbourhood. 

High windows:  

You have the house of 2 or 3 floors and you have windows on every floor. In that case, whenever you will be on your higher floors, everyone can see from outside. This can be very daunting because even a person is passing by, may get attracted to the activity going inside the house. So, it is better to add privacy screen over your windows. These privacy screens may contain holes or in the striped design, so they will not be blocking the influx of light but they can easily block the view. Also installing such privacy screen, will improve the look of your façade and so you will be getting two purposes, privacy and beautification. 

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